You know all of those mismatched kid’s socks you are holding onto? Here’s a great way to use them!

My two kids are very into throwing and tossing things – being 3 years old they are learning angles, force, and targeting. I made this fun and super easy game for them and they LOVE it!

You will need:

  • Kid’s socks
  • Rice
  • Needle & thread
  • Glass or Jar
  • cups, bowls, baskets, or any other “target”


Stretch the sock over the top of the cup to hold it open.


Fill each sock with rice. I used about 4 tablespoons in each toddler sock.


Sew the open end up. Any kind of stitch works!


Done Bean Bag!


Kids can take turns tossing their bean bags into bowls or baskets, or give them a target to try to hit, like a spot on the fence or a tree trunk!


It’s a great indoor or outdoor activity your kids will love! Practice hand-eye coordination while having a blast!


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