Went surprisingly well. She said what my dr said – I would be basically fine if I processed sugar like normal people, but since I am slow at it, that screws it all up.

All I really have to do is:

– control my carb intake to 240-260 a day. Seems like a lot… But…

– eat carbs with protein to even out the sugar spike.

– and EAT MORE. I am supposed to be eating an average of 2500 calories a day. OMG! That’s a lot!

So my suspicions of not eating enough were correct. I’m eating the right types of food, but I just need to switch the order around a little. And eat more of it. And poke my finger 4x a day to check my levels. No biggie after ivf…

And good news – one of my snacks can be 4oz of dark chocolate. You know those large Hershey bars? That’s 1/4 of that 🙂 I’ve been staying away from sweets like the plague so it’s nice to have permission to have something yummy every so often. Ice cream is ok too (yay!)… Of course this isn’t an everyday thing, but yay nonetheless 😉