MIXPIX Photo Tiles

This is a sponsored post with Canvas Discount and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.

Two years ago, an abandoned bunny hopped into my house and changed my life forever. I’ve always loved rabbits, so when I discovered that four – yes, FOUR – domestic pet rabbits had been dumped in my yard, I took them all in and became the Crazy Bunny Lady. Having never owned a pet outside of an ant farm and betta fish, it was quite the overnight transition, but a challenge that I welcomed. I quickly learned that there is much more to rabbits than most people ever realize: They are smart enough to know their names and come when you call them, will run up to you and beg for affection and love like a dog, are curious and love to explore their surroundings, and will run and jump in the air with special acrobatics called “Binkies” as an expression of joy. They are truly amazing pets and I became deeply attached in a shockingly quick amount of time.

Since that first rabbit hopped through the door at the end of 2017, I have taken in a total of six bunnies, and I anticipate having rabbits for the rest of my life. Everyone around me has been fascinated by my bunnies and invested in the story of how I rescued each one. Carol’s kids love playing with the rabbits when they come to visit! The only downside to being an amateur rabbit rescuer is that, when you save neglected, elderly, and sickly bunnies, you inevitably deal with a lot of vet visits and loss. There’s been a lot of highs and lows in this journey the past couple of years, but I take deep satisfaction in the knowledge that my beloved bunnies have all gotten the opportunity to have the best “Forever home” possible with me. I’ve been wanting to get some of my favorite photos of the buns printed out, so when I was introduced to CanvasDiscount.com, I thought this would be a great time to get that done – and I found the perfect way to display my photos!

My CanvasDiscount.com order

Taking photos of pets is notoriously difficult, and rabbits aren’t exactly the most cooperative of animals when it comes to doing things that aren’t on their personal agenda! While I have done a few cute photoshoots with the bunnies, most of the snapshots I have are just taken spontaneously on my phone. This makes it difficult to get the photos blown up for a traditional canvas print, since they’re usually not high-res enough. So when I saw the MIXPIX Photo Tiles on CanvasDiscount.com, I thought this could be the perfect solution. These 8″x8″ photo tiles are produced in a group and can be used to display either one large photo across multiple tiles as compelling wall art, or to group several smaller photos within one theme together. I knew immediately that this would be the ideal way to display my bunny photos, since I could assemble individual shots of each rabbit in one space. And since the tiles are 8″x8″, they are large enough to really appreciate the image without losing quality as you would if it were enlarged further.

MIXPIX Photo Tiles on the wall next to the bunny hutch

I selected my favorite photos of each bunny, and when I received my order in the mail, I was so happy with how lovely each photo tile turned out! I ordered 6 tiles, which was the perfect size to fit on my living room wall right next to the bunny hutch. The row on the bottom shows the first four rabbits I rescued – Honey Buns, Buster and Babs Bunny, and Bunsen Burner – while the row on the top are portraits of Keeli and Kooper, a brother and sister pair I adopted from the Humane Society last September. It’s the perfect way to remember these treasured pets and has added the most adorable touch to my wall. MIXPIX Photo Tiles are perfect for displaying groups of photos, be it of your pets or other family members!

Bunny Wall

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