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An open letter to Charmin Ultra Mega Roll during this eventful holiday season…

Dear Charmin,

I need to tell you something… I have strong feelings for you… When I say “strong” what I mean is I have tried other brands. Nothing comes close to you. You are soft, strong, long lasting.

See, I tried another brand last week. I tested it out because I was SURE that there wasn’t much of a difference between you and the leading 1000 sheet brand which will remain nameless. I was wrong. I was so incredibly wrong!!charmin_mod2_soft_06242010_B003WJ85DA

For one, the leading 1000 sheet brand was not soft. It was rough. Like wiping with newspaper. Who wants to wipe with newspaper?? Also, it was thin. I felt like I was not only not getting clean, but I had to use more to get some sort of security in my cleanliness. So therefore, the roll didn’t last long on the holder. In fact I put a new roll of that leading brand on the holder and it was GONE within a couple of days because apparently my family felt the same way about using more than normal. The leading 1000 sheet brand let me down.


But not you. You were soft and squishy the moment I took you out of the wrapper. You gave the security of getting clean with a few small squares while treating my nethers with the utmost care and softness. All while allowing my family to use 4 times less toilet paper than that other brand. So that roll lasted closer to a week. 

Because the holidays are fast approaching I will have guests coming from time to time – a cookie party among friends, my sister here for a few days, and random drop-by guests (always welcome!), and kids – LOTS of kids – so it’s nice to know that Charmin will be the bathroom tissue of choice here. Because lord knows I don’t want to hear a bunch of 5 year olds complain about no toilet paper or how rough it is. Only the best for my little monsters!

So while others will think that the leading 1000 sheet brand is a better value, I know better than that.


So from the bottom of my heart, my dear Charmin, thank you. Thank you for being there for me and giving me one less thing to worry about this holiday season…

Charmin Ultra Mega Roll is longer lasting, saving you money and your sanity during the holiday season.

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