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Day of cleaning and crafting :)

Life She Has
It’s been raining all day today (Portland – what else is new?). I spent my day off cleaning my house and finishing up a bunch of finger puppets for sale on ETSY! I also am nearing completion of that wall sculpture I have been working off and on for a few weeks. It’s looking pretty cool… Josh thinks I need to sell it but I am kind of liking it for myself 🙂
I also have some headbands which I need to have someone model before I get them on to Etsy. Here’s an example of one:

Modeled by the sweet and lovely Leah, who is also the new proud owner of said headband…

Josh also decided to confiscate a finger puppet for himself which he is calling “Sinister Banana”. As Brandi says, bananas are evil and this one is no exception…

Josh thinks this banana is evil and has definitely killed before…

Oh, and PLEASE vote on a business name for me 🙂 This is only for the felt products, I will keep the jewelry and such on Etsy… See voting on the right..

Life She Has

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