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Day 5

Life She Has

I woke up this morning to a terrible pain, then I realized I overslept and was supposed to take my painkillers 3 hours prior. Won’t do that again…

I decided I would walk to the mailbox since I hadn’t gotten my mail in a week. The walk to was ok, but the walk back turned into a very slow one. I felt like my balance was all off and my tummy was hurting a lot. Luckily I had my sister and my nephew with me to brace myself on, but I felt like I was 80 years old and without my walker…

I am becoming increasingly emotional and irritable, I know that has everything to do with the hormones this surgery has stirred up.

Oh, and I also have a lovely bruise on my hand from my IV. It hurts when I wake up… When the nurse pulled the tube out of my vein blood actually spurted out so she had so apply a lot of pressure which pushed blood under my skin. The photo really doesn’t do it justice…

My doggies also haven’t left my side.

Pretty much the only things I do are sleep, take meds, eat a little, and watch TV. Mostly sleep though, I am in and out of it all day. I can’t wait for my arty things to come in the mail. I ordered some organic felt and embroidery floss and wool so I can make some nifty things, such as finger puppets for my nephew and this. Also these.

I have a post-op visit with Dr. Bankowski on Wednesday. I think I am getting my surgical tape removed from my incision. I am still swollen quite a bit and half of my tummy is numb, which is apparently normal..

Life She Has

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  1. IV’s are no fun! I hate them more than an epidural. The last one I had the nurse didn’t know what she was doing and hit something. I had extreme pain and weakness in that wrist for about 7 months.

    Glad you are doing better and you have lots of company. Take it easy you’ll be fully recovered soon.

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