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Day 22, or week 3 conquered! On to week 4!

Life She Has

Feeling better and better as the days go by, still really super tired though. I have been wanting to get some stuff up on Etsy, but I have been lazy about it. I have made several more finger puppets and I am working on more jewelry, but I have it all 1/2 finished and just not motivated… Plus I need a craft knife and keep forgetting to get one…

My sister in law was here for a few days and I got her set up on Facebook. So now she’s cool. HAHA J/K she has always been cool 🙂

I have really been thinking about buying a house. I want to now, but I need to wait until the summer to start looking. Which, I know, it’s only a couple of months away, but I have my reasons 😉

I also found out that my surgery cost almost $17,000. Woah. Thank god I only have to pay about $700 of that…

Life She Has


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