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Day 16, or where have I been?

Life She Has

I passed the 2 week mark on Wednesday. I didn’t think recovery would be this difficult. I get winded just putting dishes in the dishwasher (before you yell at me I know I am not supposed to do that, but it was driving me nuts). I wake up with neasea too. My incision is looking great though! But my stomach is still swollen and really sensitive, can only be described as a sunburn with no heat or redness.. just the pins and needles. It’s slowly getting better though…

So with all of this time on my hands I have turned to crafts…This Sugar Skull necklace I made last week. I have no idea where to wear it.
I like this one made from a bottlecap 🙂 CUTE!

And these little guys are finger puppets! My favorites are the mad waffle and P.B. & J. They have since been joined by a slice of bacon and a band – guitar, bass, drums, and microphone.

Next on the finger puppet list is a set of little sushi guys…

Life She Has

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  1. omg..i know what i’m requesting for xi for xmas next year! those puppets are adorable!!!!

    lola would love the skull necklace! 😉 great job…

    take it easy!! love you..:)

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