I am feeling much better today than days past. Except I had no idea how much you use your stomach muscles for everyday things, such as scoop ice cream into a bowl, or try to yell over the carpet cleaning service next door.. Anyway, I have spent a lot of my time watching old Beverly Hills 90210 reruns and I am surprised at how many now famous people have shown up. I mean, we all know that Hilary Swank was on for a season, but did you know that:

Djimon Hounsou played a doorman on the first episode?
Jessica Alba played a teen mom? She tried to ditch her baby but good old Kelly saved that day…

Eva Longoria has a bit (teeny bit) part as an airline attendant towards the end of the series?

Dean Cain was Brenda’s love in Paris? That was when she cheated on Dylan…

Matthew Perry played a tennis player in an early eposide?

And Ryan Seacrest was a game show host when Donna and Matt were on to win $25k. Kelly was just too embarrased to go on…

Others have been on too, such as Daniel Day Kim (of LOST), David Arquette, and Playboy Bunny Julie McCullough.

Just a bit of mindless crap for you to chew on… Seacrest…..OUT!

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  1. Thanks for the trivia while I drink my coffee this morning. lol! I watched all those shows and don’t remember a quarter of them. I don’t remember any of these now stars being on there. lol!

    Glad your feeling better.

  2. Cool! I forgot about all the extras. I keep telling people 90210 was more influential then just fluff. Ok, it was cheese but classy cheese. 🙂 I miss it. I’m not into the new one.

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