Looking for a Halloween Costume?
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Lady Gaga costumes have been super popular this year!
This one is on sale for $48.99 (retail $69.99)!
Vampires are also a great choice!
I am loving this NEW Victorian Vampiress Costume!
$49.99, normally $69.99!
I got to choose a costume from Costume Supercenter. I decided on the Inky Black Kitty for Riley:
Inky Black Kitty $29.99
First off, Riley looks adorable in anything, She can make a burlap bag charming and sweet! So of course she looks precious in the Inky Black Kitty Costume!
I LOVED the way it looked on Riley (of course!). I also loved that the legs had snaps and was a cinch to put on! It was also super easy to do a diaper change. The hood snapped under her chin and seemed to fit pretty well. I also loved that it wasn’t a super-thick fabric, so Riley could move around in it pretty well – kind of like a sleeper. She seemed comfortable in it. It also came with a super cute mouse rattle! Riley loved that!
A couple things I didn’t like about it were that the snaps are plastic. Plastic snaps are hard to fasten, especially when there is fur involved! I would have rather seen metal snaps or even velcro (but that could be difficult with the fur). She also got fuzzies in her neckfold, under her arms, and between her toes! It wasn’t too bad, and it was also expected with a fur costume.
Overall I would have to say I am happy with the Inky Black Kitty Costume! And the prices at Costume Supercenter good too! 
One thing that really sets Costume Supercenter apart is their Exchange Policy – exchange your purchase due to size, damage, or if you decide you want to be something different! Plus Costume Supercenter offers free shipping both ways!