Clifford and his friends love exploring the world around them and with this exhilarating kit they are learning all about FOOD SCIENCE. Emily Elizabeth, the narrator in the colorful 20-page manual, guides young scientists through tasty experiments with catchy titles such as rainbow ice, ice-cream in a bag, homemade butter, layered test tube, exploding marshmallow, dancing pasta, jello magnifier, color chromatography, secret message, rock candy, edible volcano, chocolate slime, and floating orange. Young Scientists will feel like real scientists when they use the included lab tray, measuring cup, test tubes, funnel, and pipette to perform their experiments! Join Clifford and his friends on an adventure into the world of science! (Ages 3 and up) 

I have always been a bit of a “science nerd”. When I was little one of my favorite things in the world was the monthly science packet that my mom bought me – every month during the summer and fall I would get a new package that I could use to do things like photosynthesis, learn about microscopic organisms in water, and even kitchen science.

Now that my kids are of preschool age, they are becoming increasingly interested in “how things work” and what happens when you put things together. We were sent the Clifford the Big Red Dog Food Science Kit to do some super fun experiments with food!


We decided to make a science “staple” – the VOLCANO! But this volcano is different – it’s edible! Made of oatmeal, flour, water, and of course vinegar and baking soda for the “lava”. The kids decided to be a bit different and made the lava green!

clifford copy

The kids had a blast with watching the “lava” bubble and flow over the oatmeal volcano. In fact we played with this fun activity for quite a while!

We also did a fun activity called “the exploding bag”, full of chemical reactions and anticipation of the POP of the bag. We are in the process of making rock candy and colored ice too (these take some patience and preparation), and there are several other fun activities in this kit. Worth the $19.99 cost.

Being in a rainy climate (Portland), this set makes a fun rainy day indoor activity that the kids will love for hours – plus they learn along the way! There are more great science kits in the series, including:

  • Animal Science
  • Bubble Science
  • Rainbow Science
  • Kitchen Science

The Young Scientists Club has all of these ready to ship!

With all kits, most of the items needed are included in the set. Be sure to check the lists of things you will need for each experiment you do before getting your kids excited for experiments so you can get started right away.

While supplied with the items reviewed, I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.