We have had a real problem this summer with screens. It seems like every time I look up the kids are playing a game or watching YouTube on their iPads. It’s so frustrating. They should be outside playing or reading but these little lighted devices have take over their worlds.

I decided to put an end to it. It’s hard, I know, to change the direction so quickly but it’s needed. I ended up getting the Gryphon (courtesy of the brand) and wow. It’s been pretty fantastic.

Gryphon is a Smart Wifi Router that connects to your modem and helps you manage all connected devices through an easy to use app. From the app you can control the wifi settings, safe search, and more of any given device. In this digital age it’s a must-have for all families to disconnect and actually enjoy the life playing out in front of them instead of on the screen.

Not only does Gryphon pause WiFi from any device at any given time, it also filters out blocked websites, viewing browser history, and even monitoring their YouTube search results. It does an AMAZING job at that – I tested it with YouTube in particular and the search results came back clean. The design is also sleek as heck…

Gryphon combines a high performance WiFi router with a simple to use smartphone app, making it easy for parents and families to manage the connected home.

All security features are built directly within the router itself, so there is no complicated software to install on your connected devices.

Through the app, easily set age levels for each device, pre-set bedtimes, homework times, or simply pause the internet to get together for more family time. You can also separately set Internet time limits for each child as well as view their browsing history, even the ones they view in incognito mode. You can even approve certain websites that your kids request. If a website is blocked, the child can send a real-time request that will show up on the parent’s phone. The parent can then immediately review and grant permission from anywhere – even from outside the home.

It’s difficult to know which websites are appropriate for our child. To guide the parent, Gryphon aggregates the approval ratings from other parents and the community through Crowd Ranking™. The ranking is constantly updated based on your child’s age and the approval ratings of your community. 

Click HERE to learn more about Gryphon and how it can benefit your family like it has mine. 

Thanks again to Gryphon for sending me this unit to review. All opinions are my own.