My poor son is still suffering from bad gas. Gripe water is doing nothing for him so it looks like I am going to have to resort to mylicon. I changed his formula to an extra sensitive type. I’m not pumping nearly enough milk of my own for two babies and with him getting so upset with gas it’s near impossible to keep working on nursing. Thank God Riley isn’t having gas issues. But it’s been hard to keep her focused on nursing since I am trying to console Dylan so much. Plus his colic is stressing me out. Not the optimal setting for teaching to nurse. So I’m pumping away to keep my supply up. But it’s getting frustrating, I’m not going to lie…

Last night was bad. BAD. Dylan was turning red, crying, clenching and passing gas all night. It’s almost like he’s acting as if he’s constipated, even though I know he isn’t since his diapers look normal. His hands go into little tight fists and he starts flailing and scratching and contorting his little face and body. It helps to bounce him so he was in my arms until around 5 or 6am when he finally got to sleep. Riley woke up for her feeding and so I was trying to console Dylan while feeding Riley. I started crying and went into the bedroom to get Josh to help. So he took Riley and fed her while I sat with Dylan on the couch trying to calm him. I would have been able to handle it if Riley stayed sleeping but it just pushed me to my emotional edge. I got 45 minutes of sleep, then woke up for an hour, then back to sleep for an hour.

The worst thing is I feel like I can’t console Dylan when he has a gas attack. He looks like he’s in pain and it hurts me so much to see that.

I had called his pediatrician when it first started and we have an appointment on Tuesday. So I am cutting dairy from my life and going out today to get the mylicon and soy formula to see if it helps.

Right now he is blissfully asleep in my arms while Riley is happily slumbering next to me on the couch. I think they have the right idea and I’m taking it as my cue to take a nap….