So I had my prenatal class today with my regular ob’s nurse. It was me and 5 other preggos all at least 8 years younger. We had to go around the room saying how far along we were and our neaseua battles. So it got to me and I said 8 weeks with twins, there were oohs and ahhs all around. Then they all started questioning how I knew so I said I had a sonno at 6 wks. None of them had a sonno yet, so they were all shocked when I said I had.

Anyway only u and another lady who was 11 wks were showing. There was a “marathon runner” (her words) that claimed she was ten wks and had a flatter stomach than I had ever seen.

I found out my dr doesn’t deliver at the hospital I want to be at. Boo. And the nurse kept saying things like dyeing your hair was fine and 12-16 oz of caffiene was fine. Wha??!?!? You mean to tell me a million other people are wrong and you are right?

I wasn’t comfortable with the statements she was making, and the fact that I can’t deliver at my hospital makes me sad. I am going to ask my re for some recommendations next week when I go in for my 2nd sonnogram.

So it was ok. Just ok. I felt weird being there with women who got pg the old fashioned way. I felt out of place….