Cinderella opens nationwide March 13th

Part 3 – Walking the Red Carpet & The Cinderella Official Premiere Party at El Capitan Theater!


When I was a little girl, I used to watch the animated film Cinderella religiously – so much so that I can still recite every word, sing every song, and mimic every motion. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would not only be invited to see Disney’s Cinderella, but also be treat like a princess in the process. To catch up visit part 1 and 2:


Now… On to the Red Carpet!


My "prom date" Marshall Weinbaum
My “prom date” Marshall Weinbaum

Our hotel (Loews Hotel on Hollywood Blvd) was conveniently located right in front of where the red carpet and premiere party was taking place. In fact, my hotel room had a pretty good view of the setting up of the event!

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We arrived at the red carpet within minutes and ushered to the start.


Right in front of us the stars were arriving – actors like Jeremy Sisto of Six Feet Under and Suburgatory, Josh Gad, who voices the charming Olaf in Frozen (and Frozen Fever), Toni Collette of several films and tv shows, as well as the cast of Red Band Society. And of course – the stars of Cinderella: Lily James, Richard Madden, Cate Blanchett, and Kenneth Branagh – all who you will see my interviews with next week!

credit: Getty Images
credit: Getty Images

We got into the party and were greeted by jugglers and dancers – on stilts! The tented party area spanned the entire block in front of the El Capitan Theater where we saw the movie that night. Tapestry table cloths, gold and crystal chandeliers, and Cinderella-blue swagged ribbon adorned the space.




All around were celebrities. I couldn’t look one direction without spotting someone – “ohh there’s Molly Ringwald!” “Hey that’s Sarah Hyland!”.. Then there were the inevitable “That’s that girl that was in that movie” (while quickly IMDBing the movie in question). Even Grumpy Cat was there.

credit: Elia Garrison/Conservamom
credit: Elia Garrison/Conservamom

There were some gorgeous displays of the Cinderella merchandise courtesy of HSN – beautiful jewelry items, clothing, and accessories. I love the butterfly detailing that danced on just about every piece. Butterflies have a big significance in the film (which you  you will understand when you see the movie), so naturally there were butterflies everywhere, which lent a sense of whimsy.


Of course there was no shortage of selfies from me. I couldn’t believe I was there, so I had to commemorate the event with many pictures of me with my blogger friends. No, I did not take selfies with the stars! It’s hard not to want to though – but that’s not what this was about.

Apparently I demand the left side..


I mingled with my bloggy friends, my Disney friends, and even briefly chatted with Jeremy Sisto. Ok, I chatted with his 5 1/2 year old daughter.

“Aren’t you adorable! How old are you?”

“5 and a half!” (she said this as she did that little sheepish dance that kids do when they are getting a compliment – a little dance I still do)

“I have a little girl almost your age and she love Hello Kitty too!” (she was wearing a Hello Kitty dress)

She giggled and smiled. I look at Jeremy Sisto and say “your daughter is adorable” to which he smiled and said “awww thanks” and did that crooked-Jeremy-Sisto-grin.

Credit: Todd Williamson/Invision/AP
Credit: Todd Williamson/Invision/AP

Then I walked away. Because if I didn’t I would have started saying “OMGILOVEDYOUASBILLYINSIXFEETUNDER” and completely fangirled out. But a premiere party event isn’t the place.


We spent a bit over an hour there before we were ushered into El Capitan theater to watch Cinderella. As I was walking out of the party I saw the prince himself Richard Madden looking dashing in a custom suit. Alongside him was the star of the movie Lily James. I walked right past the waiting fans and paparazzi and even though they weren’t looking at me thinking I was a celebrity, I did feel like a star. 


Cinderella opens nationwide March 13th

As part of the #CinderellaEvent blog team, I was invited to Hollywood to be treated like royalty courtesy of Disney. All opinions are my own.