Cinderella opens nationwide March 13th


After getting glamified with JCPenney and #JCPCinderellaMoment we were whisked away to El Capitan Theatre and given a cocktail reception amongst the exquisite costuming (by the talented Sandy Powell) from the film Cinderella. Also displayed were several props, storyboard information, and the iconic Glass Slipper.



credit: moviefone


A little bit about the Glass Slipper – it is not actually glass, but a single Swarovski Crystal, cut and faceted into the Glass Slipper as it is shown in the film. Detailing is a golden butterfly on the vamp.cinderella-2015-glass-slipper

Sandy Powell’s vision is spot-on for the characters of Cinderella. Every detail of Lady Tremaine’s Ball Gown tells who she is, the stepsisters matching-yet-clashing ensembles are so perfect. I am a huge believer of costuming telling a story – think about it, what if Cinderella’s dress wasn’t as grand as it is? Or what if The Prince’s jacket wasn’t as lavish? It would definitely tell a different story and not even make sense. I did interview Sandy – stay tuned for that and we can get more into costumes.

Anastasia’s ball gown worn by Holliday Grainger
Drizella’s ball gown worn by Sophia McShera


Lady Tremaine’s Ball Gown, worn by Cate Blanchett
Fairy Godmother Dress, worn by Helena Bonham Carter
Cinderella’s Ball Gown, worn by Lily James

The dress. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS DRESS!! Lily James talked about the beauty of it (you’ll see more in my interview with her coming up on March 10th). I wasn’t prepared for the sheer size of that skirt – of course anything less wouldn’t be princess-worthy.

After the reception we headed to The Red Carpet for the premiere party of Cinderella! Come back Friday March 6th for Part 3!

Cinderella opens nationwide March 13th

As part of the #CinderellaEvent blog team, I was invited to Hollywood to be treated like royalty courtesy of Disney. All opinions are my own.