My daughter has been into art lately – anything having to do with drawing, painting, sculpting – Riley LOVES! One of her favorites has been Playdoh – we regularly get cans of it and she spends hours playing with it!

Now from Hasbro, makers of Playdoh comes a NEW art kit – Dohvinci Anywhere Art Studio! Available at Walmart!


The Dohvinci Anywhere Art Studio is a great starter set for little girls. It comes with the easel and carrying case along with some frames and photos to decorate as well as the Dohvinci Styler and Deco Art Tubes. You can create fun and colorful 3D art and have a nice case to pack it all up into!

Riley is LOVING her set – she is such a creative little one! Although the Dohvinci playsets are for ages 6 and up, my almost-5-year-old can use it with ease. She does need help with intricate work, but she can definitely load and use the styler on her own.

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photo 2 (3)photo 3 (2)

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The best thing about DohVinci is that you can find it at Walmart as one of the Chosen By Kids selections in Holiday ToylandYou and your kids can head over to a location near you and experience DohVinci for yourself, along with other kid favorites like Kinetic Sand, VTech products, and more! Come back here and tell me what YOUR favorite products at Holiday Toyland is!

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