I was one of the lucky ones when I went to Chicago for BlogHer and got an exclusive invite to Sweet Suite, hosted by The Big Toy Book and cohosted by Joey Fortman from www.RealMomMedia.com & Charlene DeLoach from www.CharleneChronicles.com.

Oh Em Gee. I felt like a kid in a candy store! It was all toys – in every corner and on every level. TOYS!! I wanted to stay and play… Some standouts for me included:

..there were SO MANY brands represented. This was a fun party because I got to play! Unfortunately my phone died right when I got there so I missed taking pics. BOO. But I can tell you it was amazing. And I am very much looking forward to next year’s event 🙂 Oh yes, I am SO going.

Just a few of the super awesome sponsors!

After I got back home I was surprised with a GIANT box full of toys. That my kids promptly ripped into. There goes saving some for Christmas! A favorite was the Tagamoto City Road Set. This thing is COOL – it includes stickers that the motorized car reads like a barcode which causes it to do things – like turn its lights on, turn on the radio, speed up, stop, etc. Pretty awesome.



Another awesome product was the Switch& Go Dino from VTech – it’s like a modern-day transformer. My son adores it.

Torr the Therizinosaurus - Dino-high


I am excited to share more great toys from Sweet Suite sponsors with you soon – even some giveaways! Stay tuned!!

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