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Remember that? Actually, that little moniker is still being used to this day since becoming hugely popular in the ’80s. Did you know that catchphrase was an accident? It was because one of the presenters at the ad agency stuttered when he tried to say the name “Chia”. That stutter became an icon during the holiday season!

Since Chia started (1977!) They have grown to not only Chia Pets, but Chia Heads, Gardens, and licensed Chia Pet products like The Simpsons and Winnie the Poo!

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Winnie the Poo doesn’t use Chia seeds – but instead the sweet paperwhites, flowers that grow from the included bulbs. Pretty!!  Chia Herb Gardens and Chia Winnie the Pooh Paperwhite are the perfect teacher or hostess gift for the chef or designer in your life. Chia Products offer up a variety of herbs or grow your own paperwhites for your holiday party. These interior gardens are ready to decorate and incorporate into your holiday plans within two weeks of planting.

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Chia Pet ALSO offers Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seeds! Did you know that chia seeds and plants have huge health benefits too? I love that Chia Pet is not only iconic, but functional. Use the chia sprouts in your salad, on a ham and cheese sandwich, or use chia seeds in smoothies, add to ground turkey for some delish turkey burgers, or you can even just eat them outright – kind of weird, I know, but they do pack a lot of great nutrients and are perfect in a pinch for feeling full. Find some great recipes HERE!

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Additionally, the Company announces the “You Bake Me Crazy” contest inviting individuals to share their recipes for the holidays for a chance to win a complete set of Joseph Enterprise cooking gadgets. 

You can find Chia Pet products everywhere – Amazon, Walmart, Target, and most major drug stores. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia seeds are also readily available at the same locations!