So I have been researching what I need post-op and bought a few things today.

  1. 2 nightshirts. One is grey and black striped, which reminded me of Nightmare Before Christmas. the other was clearance and has vintage Valentines all over it. Kitschy and kool…
  2. A bed tray. It took me forever to find it at Target. I am sort of liking the whole “breakfast in bed” vibe it’s got goin’ on.
  3. XL panties. I couldn’t face the grannies, I bought boy shorts. Close enough.
  4. A heating pad. I think my cat will like that too.
  5. Snuggie. ’nuff said.
  6. My favorite blue and grey striped robe. Did I say I liked stripes?
  7. Ipod loaded with the latest Killers, Lily Allen, and Jason Mraz.
  8. Mom got her plane ticket here 🙂 My sister is coming out too. I wish I could actually take them out into Portland, but they can take my car any time they want to while they are here 🙂

I don’t know what else I may need, other than lots of meds and lots of sleep… Any suggestions?