If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I am a mom to twins. 3 1/2 years old. My precious little monsters! Actually, they are great kids. But as all kids do, they enjoy mess. They seem to thrive on it! One of their favorite things to do is play outside back. We have the whole setup – swings, a see-saw, activity tables, a sandbox, you name it – we have it back there!

Another thing they love to do is track dirt and mud into the house. Well – I can’t say they love it. But I can say they do it with beaming smiles on their adorable filthy faces. I feel like I am sweeping and mopping three times a day. A task I used to mind – but not anymore.


I was thrilled to get a Shark Sonic Duo ($199.99 MSRP). My house is a combination of wood laminate and carpet so I needed something quick and easy that would tackle both surfaces. I had met the Shark team when I went to Chicago for Blogher 2013 a couple of months ago. I fell in LOVE with the Sonic Duo! I did the demonstration on how the Sonic Duo glides over hard floors and carpets and instantly said “I NEED one of these!!

When the Shark Sonic Duo came to my doorstep I practically tore the box open to get to cleaning. My carpets and my flooring needed it badly.

Shark Sonic Duo Floor Cleaner
Shark Sonic Duo Floor Cleaner – comes with 1 bottle carpet cleaner, 1 bottle hard floor cleaner, 1 stain spray, 4 carpet/floor pads

So you can see for yourself that my thought-to-be-clean floor was so not. I was proved wrong in a big way by Shark!

I’m not even going to show you the before/after carpet pads. You might be eating and I don’t want to gross you out..

Shark Sonic Duo
This is a lovely “before” shot of the cleaning pad right before I went to town on my floor…
Shark Sonic Duo
And this? This is after. In a space that was about 4ft by 4ft. blech… But YAY it’s not on my floors now!

 With my carpet? Pretty awesome. I have two dogs and a long-hair cat so pet hair is an issue on the rugs. The Shark Sonic Duo not only cleaned and freshened my carpeting, but it also scooted all of the hair my (crappy) vacuum missed and balled it up. It also glides very well across the carpet, something I didn’t have much faith in.

I now run the Shark Sonic Duo almost nightly in my living room – which is the highest traffic area in the house. So the mornings I wake up early to have my coffee and silence and my floors look so clean and new – it just sets off the day right. I used to have to achieve that by scrubbing on my hands and knees or renting a shampooer and waiting a gazillion hours for it to dry, but the Shark Sonic Duo only takes about 2 hours to dry on carpet. This is nice for those times when the twins spill something or have an accident.

You can get your very own Shark Sonic Duo at http://www.sharkclean.com/, on Amazon, or most major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Kmart!

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