Who’s idea was it to do Daylight Savings? This year in particular has been especially hard for some reason. It’s a big change – especially when you have a couple of school-age kids (like I do) and have to get up at 6:30 to get them ready for school. To top it off this is their first year in school. Having a couple of kindergartners during a rough time change can be, well, rough… So having constants like Charmin is kind of a MUST…
Because I can barely function in the morning (or all day for that matter), I don’t want to think about running out of toilet paper. I don’t want to consider other brands as I am pushing myself through the grocery store, because frankly my mind is often NOT on what brand to buy, it’s on things like “what do the kids have gong on after school?”… “what’s for dinner?”  … “what time is it?”… I usually end up then realizing the kids will be out of school in 10 minutes and frantically run to the checkout…
I am happy that because I have my brand – Charmin Ultra Soft – I don’t have to deal with the whole “what kind should I get?”. I know it’s Charmin, plain and simple. One less thing to think about. Now if  I can only get my family to replace the roll when it’s empty.. (seriously it’s not that hard people)…
Because I don’t want you, my loyal readers, to have to think about toilet paper I am sharing some savings with you… Now go get some Charmin and stop thinking about it 🙂

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* I received compensation for this post, but the opinions are my own. Yes, even about Daylight Savings.