Because I am an ambassador of Charmin, I talk about the quality of the product a lot, BUT because I am also a long-time customer I believe in it. I believe that Charmin is indeed the best around – soft, strong, and not linty. I noticed that I would get lint in I used a different brand. Yet another brand felt like sandpaper. My favorite has been Charmin Ultra Soft, but I also know that some of my readers and friends tend to think it is too expensive and Charmin Basic isn’t quite what they want. 


Charmin has heard the cries and has come out with two NEW Charmin products – Charmin Essentials Strong and Charmin Essentials Soft, two new products designed to provide shoppers more of what they want in their toilet paper at a comparable price to the product they currently use. I am super excited about this because I got to try Charmin Essentials Soft. I am pleasantly surprised that it is what I expect Charmin to be and not skipping on quality. 


Charmin wants you to try and LOVE Charmin Essentials. In fact, they are giving a roll for FREE* to help you make your decision in upgrading your toilet paper. Tweet your TP swap out request to @Charmin with #CharminEssentials #Promotion and we’ll send you a free roll, along with a few for your family and friends.


What does this mean to you? It means Charmin will give you the quality of the higher priced toilet papers at a better value. No more lint. No more sandpaper. Just Charmin at a better price. Love it or your money back.

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*As an ambassador for Charmin I am compensated in product and/or monetary compensation, however all opinions are 100% my own.