When I was younger – too young for makeup but old enough to want it – I always seemed to have Chapstick in my backpack. My trusty favorite was the one all of us preteens loved – Cherry!

My daughter, even though she is only 6 years old, has a love for all things cosmetic too (like her mommy!) and so I am passing my love of Cherry Chapstick on to her. Chapstick is the one thing she can keep in her backpack. She also has one for her little purse so she feels entirely too grownup with it.



Now? She’s the “cool kid”. She has her Chapstick. She knows she’s awesome. She is constantly putting Chapstick on (as you do when you are a 6 year old fashionista), so she walks around smacking her lips all the time. It’s cute. For now.


I will admit – I also keep Chapstick on me. It fits in my wallet. But personally I prefer the Aloha Coconut. Reminds me of a piña colada. And piña coladas make me happy. I also like original. and Classic Cherry. OMG I LIKE THEM ALL OKAY?

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