Accidents happen, right? To me they seem to only involve cell phones…

I am now on my 2nd “backup” phone. My original phone decided life wasn’t worth living and drowned itself in a pool of Vitamin Water that tipped over in my car and spilled into a little dip in my center console. Nice.

Last night I was making dinner, Ritzy Chicken Strips. I had the oil all heated, began dropping the chicken in while texting my sister about how Jason Mraz is coming to Portland and we should go. The cell figured it was his time to go and hopped out of my hands… right into the 8 inch pot of hot oil. It could have gone anywhere else in the kitchen, it decided it wanted to be a Ritzy Chicken Strip.

If my current (LAST backup) cell decides to off itself I will have to resort to buying a new one. Let’s see how long this will last….