Trigger happy…

So I am ready to trigger. I can't believe I am already up to this point!! I have had 5

So far so good!

Estradiol is at 261, which is appropriate for this time into the process. I am still at 112.5 of gonal-f

One down…

So the above mentioned pharmacy made good on some of the meds. Mister FedEx woke me up at 10am (hey,

First day and trains

I had my first day at my new store yesterday and let me tell you, we rocked it. We had

Going downtown….

So I was asked (told) to take over a store in downtown Portland.. It's a good thing because:I get to

Why the hell did I do that?!?!

SO I did something really stupid. I googled "abdominal myomectomy". I now know what the surgery will look like (vividly),

Bomb blast in Woodburn…

Yesterday I left my house to buy my husband's guitar he wants and to stop by Sephora and the bank
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