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Egg RetrievalIVFttc

Fertility Report

Just got off the phone whith the embryologist. I was expecting 15 mature and around 12 to fertilize.It’s better than

Egg RetrievalIVFttc

Quick update

All done. I’m so sore right now, but so happy. Dr says he got 20 eggs and I will get


What do you know about pressure?

Sorry, that’s a line from Ace Ventura, hissed by what’s-her-face.Anyway, If Optimist, Then got it right in the comments to


Clear for takeoff

My doctor appointment went well. Whew!! I am nice and suppressed for beginning my stims on Saturday. He did lower



I was doing my injection last night (affectionately called “shooting up” with Josh and I) and I apparently hit a



… Is the first day of the rest of my life…. You have 100% of your life left…. I started


I married Michael Phelps

Ok, not really, but I think my husbands swimmers won 9 gold medals in the Olympics. We got his results


One down…

So the above mentioned pharmacy made good on some of the meds. Mister FedEx woke me up at 10am (hey,


No meds yet

Dear Free.dom Pharmacy,I want to thank you ever so much for calling me at 5 pm the evening before I


Getting closer to IVF

I am finally getting really close to IVF. I feel it’s not going to be postponed this time, like it


IVF Class

Josh and I went to class last night. We were late 🙁 I hit traffic while going to pick him


Not alone

This week seems to be a particularly difficult one for most IF-ers. Just take a gander at my blog list

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