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DMV Update

****DISCLAIMER****I do not drink, smoke, or do illicit drugs nor do I condone the use of such substances. But to

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I had a really bizarre, very vivid dream last night. I dreamt I was riding a bike along a trail.

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I am spending Easter with my sister Tabs and her family. It’s been fun, although I am so tired. We

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Ok, so I admit.. yes I DO have a snuggie. And it’s the most awesomest backwards robe ever… seriously, I

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A week in review (TV edition)

A week in review of new or returning shows…RANTS”Kath and Kim”New show starring Molly Shannon (normally funny) and Selma Blair

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Cell phone mishaps…

Accidents happen, right? To me they seem to only involve cell phones…I am now on my 2nd “backup” phone. My

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