Strange or Normal? TMI edition

I am sure this is all about the drugs I am taking (estrace, baby asprin, doxycycline, medrol,prenatal, and PIO shots....

Trigger happy…

So I am ready to trigger. I can't believe I am already up to this point!! I have had 5

10 minute warning

The whole "wait ten minutes and it won't sting as much" thing... yeah, total lie.. It still hurt.I have an

So far so good!

Estradiol is at 261, which is appropriate for this time into the process. I am still at 112.5 of gonal-f


I was doing my injection last night (affectionately called "shooting up" with Josh and I) and I apparently hit a


... Is the first day of the rest of my life.... You have 100% of your life left.... I started

Here we go again…

*YEOUCH!*No, not really. Actually, poking myself with needles everynight doesn't hurt one bit.So I will officially be on Follistim for
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