I remember when I was little, the Transformers cartoon would come on every Saturday morning. My brother and I would watch it with our bowls of cereal and get excited over the mere possibility of cars transforming into robots. My brother had all sorts of Transformers toys that we would both play with. We’d take them outside on a sunny day and play for hours. I was almost always Bumblebee and my brother was almost always Optimus Prime – they were (and still are) the most popular robots of the series!

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Now Transformers isn’t just a Saturday morning cartoon. Now it’s a HUGE franchise filled with movies, merchandise, even theme park rides designed around the idea of transforming robots. My son and daughter are right about the the age that my brother and I were when we lived and breathed Transformers, perfect timing because Fred Meyer & Kroger stores just stocked the latest in the franchise – Bumblebee merchandise from Hasbro is HERE!

My kids have been playing with the new Bumblebee toys every day now since they got them courtesy of Hasbro. It’s great to see them playing with toys like my brother and I used to play. It’s so much fun to watch them and remember when I was little.

We discovered at our local Fred Meyer the new Bumblebee displays with so much cool merchandise! From toys to lunch boxes (original tin boxes like I used to have) to clothing, they had pretty much everything a Transformers fan could possibly want. I can see this Holiday season that a lot of Transformers fans will be very, very happy!

I know when Bumblebee comes out in theaters this December the kids will be first in line to see it. Probably with their Bumblebee toys in tow.

You can find Bumblebee toys, clothing, and more fun merchandise at Kroger locations nationwide! Look for the Bumblebee display in your local Kroger store and be sure to share in the fun by posting to social using #JOINTHEBUZZ!