I know this isn’t frugal related, however I know that many of my readers probably watch the new TLC Series Breaking Amish. When I first saw previews of the show I was immediately intrigued, as I have always been interested in other cultures here in the US as well as abroad (maybe I should have been an anthropologist!).

As I watched the first 3 episodes of the new “groundbreaking” show, I found a lot of holes in the stories. Like how immediately upon leaving his Amish community cast member Jeremiah starts spouting a string of expletives. And how easily cast member said she got her driver license in Florida. I don’t know about you, but when I got my license it wasn’t a simple “drive around for a couple of weeks and then go get it” sort of thing. Maybe I’m wrong in that, but it was a red flag for me.

I then stumbled across a Facebook page called “Breaking Amish the Truth” which has a ton of factual information on it. Further digging came up with photos that are not recent of cast members in every day life. Not the life of an Amish or Mennonite, but the average life of someone who has been in regular society – meaning no traditional dress, such as cast member Sabrina at what appears to be a state fair wearing a tank top, which is not indicative of the Mennonite culture. The image has since been pulled from the Facebook page.

There is also a picture of cast members Rebecca and Abe with a baby. Now whether or not that is their own child is up for debate. What is not debatable is the fact that they did indeed know each other – and it seems quite well – prior to “meeting for the first time” on the show. Proof is that Rebecca is not wearing dentures as she does on the show.

There is also some legitimate speculation that Jeremiah has 3 children and married & divorced several years ago, along with Kate submitting modeling photos in 2010 to agencies.

So, will you keep watching Breaking Amish? What do you think of TLC potentially “duping” its audience?