I reviewed this book a while back and I need to tell you, it’s continuing to help me save like crazy! I have learned so much from it.. Kathy Spencer is a genius in my book!
How To Shop For Free helped me do this deal:
Total Spent: $41.94
Total Saved: $182.34
PLUS I got $48 in Walgreens Register Rewards after it was all said and done. So I am actually UP $6.06 šŸ™‚ How’s that for a score? I am excited to see what the sales are next week so that I can use my RR and spend nothing… And of course I can use those RR’s on things like milk, eggs, coffee, and other groceries that I could need during the week and not pay anything out of pocket…
Right now Amazon has it for less than $9! That’s a great deal, better than I’ve seen it anywhere else!