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Bomb blast in Woodburn…

Life She Has

Yesterday I left my house to buy my husband’s guitar he wants and to stop by Sephora and the bank to make a quick deposit before work at 5pm. I made it to all places but the bank, I got stuck in traffic on the way to work so no time, so I went straight to work at 5pm. At 5:30 a concerned parent of an employee called to tell us that a bomb went off in a nearby bank and they don’t know anything else… We all thought it was Wells Fargo, which is the bank we go to for work. Turns out the bomb went off at the bank I go to, West Coast Bank, the branch I opened my account at, the same one I was going to go to before work but didn’t have time.

It killed one Police Officer and injured several others…. News story here…
The bomb specialist who was brought in died this morning. Woodburn Chief of Police is in critical condition… No word on who did it and why….

Life She Has

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