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Birchbox Subscription Beauty Box – January 2018 (An Honest Review)

Life She Has

Yes, I know I JUST got a Birchbox Subscription Box. If you want to see what I got last time head on over here.

I have a strong love for subscription boxes. I subscribe to several beauty and non-beauty boxes, but Birchbox seems to be one of the more popular ones so I decided to check it out for a few months. Subscribing is $10 shipped making it one of the less expensive beauty boxes out there. But is it worth it?


I received 5 items in my Birchbox for January.

Vasanti® BrightenUp!® Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

Don’t let fine lines, acne marks, or redness get you down. Brighten up your day and your skin with this powerful exfoliator. Papaya enzymes work to break down dead cells and even out skin tone while dermatologist-approved microderm crystals fade fine lines and acne scars. Finally, aloe vera, coconut, and vitamins B and E nourish freshly exfoliated skin to keep it free from redness or irritation, making it look like you just got a facial.

This exfoliator is… interesting. Interesting in that it kinda feels like grains of sand on my face. It’s weird. I mean – it works… But I prefer exfoliators to kind of melt away a little and this one doesn’t. I found that it left tiny grains on my face and around my hairline too. Maybe I just need to get used to it…. Full size is $34 (4.23oz)

Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer

While traveling does wonders for the mind and soul, it’s not so friendly to our complexions. Whether you always find yourself on an airplane or you’re just a victim of stress and dry weather, this intensely rejuvenating face cream was made for you. The antioxidant- and humectant-packed formula hydrates and revitalizes skin, so that even at your most jet-lagged, you can still rock a radiant complexion.

This one is a winner! I don’t like moisturizers to feel greasy and this one definitely doesn’t. There’s no real scent to it and my skin drinks it up. Love it so hard. At $23 for a 2oz bottle it’s soooo worth it…


This dry shampoo will do more than clean up your hair; it’ll lend it a kind of untamed texture—not unlike the landscape from which it takes its name. Just a few sprays will absorb excess oil, increase volume, and add definition.

Ok, I LOVE this dry shampoo. I have used plenty of dry shampoos before – with my bright hair I can’t wash it constantly because it fades so I rely on these handy aerosol cans to tide me over. I normally use Not Your Mother’s Naturals (the purple can, around $17 for a 7oz can) and have been pretty loyal to that brand. This one is very nice but nearly twice the price at $29 for just over 6oz. So I would consider it, use this generously sized sample and then decide if I really want to spend that much. This one smells nice, not perfumey like some others, and gives some volume while keeping a little shine. FYI – this 1.6oz bottle is $17 on Amazon!!


No need to cover up what makes you, you. Instead, perfect the no-makeup makeup look with this lightweight tinted serum from Birchbox brand ARROW. The oil-free formula provides sheer coverage and evens out discoloration for a more radiant complexion. More than just a tint, it also nourishes with ingredients like caffeine and ginseng to energize and plump skin, while green tea extract calms and soothes. Designed with your busy life in mind, its convenient size means you can tote it with you for touch-ups wherever you go—from the office to workouts, happy hours, and everything in between. All products in the ARROW collection are vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

I am just ok with this one. It’s nice, it feels nice, but the “Universal Skin Tint” is not as universal as I would have hoped. It’s a little too dark and too orange for my skin tone. This is $22 for a 1oz tube on Birchbox.

DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow Single in Shade “Veronica”

We love a good eye shadow palette as much as the next person, but often we don’t take advantage of all the shades available. These individual colors are part of DOUCCE’s customizable magnetic shadow palette system, where you can choose the exact hues you want to create a variety of looks. They feature highly pigmented formulas with finishes ranging from shimmer to matte and can be used to blend, contour, or highlight. Pick your favorite four shades and pop them into the empty Freematic Customizable Palette to build a quad. Can’t decide? Check out this pre-curated one with hues chosen by us just for you. When you’re all out, replace them with the Singles here as needed or switch it up by selecting a different set of colors. The possibilities are endless.

I do like eyeshadows (you should see my palette collection!). This one is not bad, but I have a million of the same color and shimmer. Plus the pigmentation isn’t all that. I have other Doucce shadow singles from other boxes and found I just don’t use them as much as some of my others. $10 for a single and you can get a magnetic palette to put them all into.

Did I love all of the products? Meh. no. Were there winners? Yes, absolutely. The R&Co Dry Shampoo is lovely and I just adore the Air Repair moisturizer. Those two products alone might just be worth the $10 a month price tag. I am not thrilled with 2 of the products (Doucce Eyeshadow and Arrow Energize Skin Tint) are probably totally unusable to me. Thankfully I can give this feedback to Birchbox and hopefully my February box will be a winner… otherwise I may have to rethink this subscription.


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Life She Has

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