It seems like no matter where I go there’s chaos. Go to the grocery store. Chaos. Head to the movies? CHAOS. Home? CHAOS!!! Especially now. My kids have been on 4 snow days in the past week. And now? Winter break. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids. I love having them around and I adore watching them play together. What I don’t like is the inevitable fighting, complaining, and “mooooom.. I’m BORED”.. So am I kids, but the roads are ice and we ain’t goin’ nowhere.

So during this stressful time of year I find solace in the one room I can lock myself in and not have to open the door for anyone. My bathroom.

I keep it stocked with stuff like calming oils, Charmin, and snacks. Yes. I totally hide snacks in there. I’m telling you, a tampon box is the last place anyone would look for a chocolate bar.

Even if I run out of my favorite candy, I know that I am always stocked with Charmin. Whether it’s for wiping tears or *other places* I count on Charmin Ultra Soft to make me calm and comfortable. Seriously, sometimes I go in the bathroom just to shed a tear or two and calmly call out “I’m fine” while drowning my stress in a wad of Charmin Ultra Soft and a chocolate bar. Doesn’t everyone do that this time of year??

I know that no other tissue will do when I am just needing a break. I’ve tried. It just stresses me out even more because of the scratching and roughness of the bath tissue and not to mention running out too quickly. I hate that.

So seriously – remember your bathroom – stock with some secret snacks, some nice smelling stuff, and Charmin Ultra Soft. When the kids are fighting and you need a moment away you will thank me. You’ll also have more time feeling relaxed and in the Christmas spirit if you just take some time for yourself..

*This post was sponsored by Charmin. All opinions are 100% my own.