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“It should be outlawed. It’s the worst.” That’s what my sister said to me. What, you ask?

Being sick while taking care of kids. 

Yep. I rarely get sick but when I do I am laid up. I have had fever all day, congested, and just feel like shit. Poor me, right? Usually I am not such a baby when it comes to being sick, but today I am going to complain and bitch about it.

My husband had to work, so he couldn’t stay home with the littles, my friends also have jobs so that was out. Besides, I really REALLY don’t like asking for help. I think that comes from my mom – she never asked for help with anything. This pride issue comes into play and I am CONVINCED I can do it myself.

I am about 2 hours away from husband relief from being tackled every 10 minutes. See, 3 year olds don’t understand “I am sick, I don’t feel good” for more than a few minutes. Then they forget that mommy has a fever and the jumping on begins. It’s rough. I usually LOVE watching them bounce around and have a good time, play with them, and jump around. But when you are sick? ohh no.

The worst thing is chances are my two precious little ones will probably get this same cold in a matter of days, and I hate seeing them sick.

So YES. Outlawing “Sick While Caring For Your Kids” should be a thing.