I am on day 4 of my bedrest and seriously, I am going bonkers.

I have just a couple more major things to get before the babies arrive, and instead of going out with Josh to get them and having a good time of it, he’s gotta go out on his own and snap photos of what he finds so I can say yay or nay from the (un)comfort of my couch. One (well, two) of the things we still need are carseats. I found the ones that I want – Graco Pippin – but guess what? Nobody’s got it in stock. I have searched and searched. I really want to use my gift cards to buy them but I will have to use them for something else. And I wanted to get them at a local babies-r-us because the website doesn’t honor any kind of multiples discount, but the stores all do. And I have an additional 15% off on top of that. So Josh is gonna go out and get alternative carseats. Problem? I need to find some that will snap onto a double travel system stroller. And they need to match. And not be cutesy. The Pippin line with brown and green vintage elephants are as cutesy as I am gonna get…

I also want to go get things that I don’t necessarily need, but just want to get. I guess shopping online is almost as good, right?

I did a no-no and went through all of the babies’ clothes last night. My Dr told me specifically “no nesting” and minimal getting up from my spot, but I DID have to go through the clothes (I did it sitting on my bed). I have onesies for days, footie sleepers, and enough blankets to swaddle a football team. BUT a lot of my basics are either neutral or boy stuff. I would say it’s 70%/30% in favor of the boy/neutral. My baby girl doesn’t have as much as my boy!! So I feel like I need to even out the closet. I don’t really need to, it just doesn’t feel right. And it’s funny that I have been all “no pink, flowers, butterflies” but the pink things I have for her are really adorable.

So on to the bedrest. Ugh. I want to get up and clean my house, do my laundry, etc. My brain is in full nesting mode and it’s torture that I can’t act on it. BUT it’s for the babies. I need to heed Dr orders.

I have a feeling that if my cervix is still not cooperating I will be blogging from the hospital next week. At least all nesting temptation will be taken away from me. And I won’t have to deal with trying to figure out my breakfast/lunch/dinner. That’s been tough. I can’t be on my feet so I have to rely on Josh to make me food. He works so I have to fend for myself for breakfast and lunch. I am gonna have to have him make me food the day before so I can just grab it and bring it right back to my couch.

Or I can train the dogs to be gourmet chefs….hmmmm….