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I always feel it is so important to have a bath time routine in place for kids no matter the age. When they were babies we had a specific way of doing things. Now? It’s carried into their 7th year and has helped made bed time so much easier for the whole family.

Some absolute MUSTS when getting ready for bedtime:

  • a clean bathroom
  • soft fluffy towels
  • toothbrush, toothpaste, and flossers
  • their favorite shampoo & soap
  • a few fun toys
  • a book
  • soft clean bed
  • fresh pajamas
  • lavender scented lotion or oil

Start an hour before bedtime. Fill the tub with warm water. Place towels and pajamas in the dryer to warm them up. If your child likes things like bath bombs, color tablets, or bubbles use them! Let your child play for a little bit with their favorite bath toys.

After a few minutes of play wash their hair. I have made this task easier by placing stickers on the bathroom ceiling and asking them to make up a story about the sticker characters. This tilts their head all the way back so I can wash, rinse, and repeat!

When it’s time to get out get the towel and pajamas from the dryer. I LOVE using Micro Cotton Hotel Collection Premier towels. They are SO fluffy and soft and when they are warm from the dryer it feels like a warm hug. Put those warm pajamas on them and them a soft lavender lotion foot massage. The scent will help calm them and the more often you use it the more they will relate the scent of lavender to sleepy time.

Get your little one tucked in and read them a favorite book. Then? lights out (except for maybe a nightlight). I can guarantee you that keeping a regular routine will make bedtime that much easier!

My experience with Micro Cotton Brand towels is definitely a positive one. They are much more plush than I had in my linen closet before. My son and daughter love them too – they are now requesting ONLY Hotel Collection Premier towels after their baths!

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