Two words that sum up all that is Beauty and the Beast.

Josh. Gad.

I mean, of course Emma Watson was breathtaking. Luke Evans as Gaston is sheer perfection (down to the cleft chin). Every single cast member played their role as it was meant to be played. But Josh Gad? I could watch him play Le Fou all day long.

In the recent news of Le Fou having a *gasp* gay moment in the live action film (see it starting March 17th), there have been a few who have said they now refuse to see it (really? Le Fou pushed you over the edge?). Their loss. The entire film is expertly cast and beautifully shot. Most of it is CGI including Beast (Dan Stevens – who knew he had a voice like a dark angel?). Disney happens to have access to some of the top animation software around. Every hair, every little whisker on Beast looks real and flawless in a flawed sort of way. The castle is breathtaking. The enchanted characters that reside within have a natural glide when they move and are cleverly designed (like Cogsworth’s tongue is an inner gear, Garderobe speaks with curtains for a face).

Let’s talk about the music. All of the songs you love from the animated are there and better than ever. PLUS – a few from the Broadway rendition which was a wonderful surprise. Be Our Guest is a wild ride through explosions of color and dance and is everything you have ever dreamed of. I was half-expecting the colorful confetti in the number would fall from the ceiling in the theater.

(this clip is about Gaston, but it’s really all about Le Fou…)

My favorite part of Beauty and the Beast was Josh Gad. We know and love him as Olaf, but as Le Fou he is charismatic and funny and sweet and a little sad. When he was off the screen I was waiting for him to come back on – I was rooting for him. His “moment” that has been all over the internet happens at the end, so watch for it, as it’s a fleeting “blink and you’ll miss it” moment. And it’s sweet and satisfying.

Other things to look for are a couple of wonderful nods to Harry Potter (Emma Watson started her career as Hermoine) – a few lines pay homage to some lines in the films. Plus there is a glimpse of Harry’s owl. I didn’t see Hermoine’s cat but I may have missed it, so if you see it TELL ME!!

Speaking of Emma Watson – who knew she could sing so well? She was an excellent choice as Belle, one that I was a bit iffy about when I first heard of it. She fit the role with perfection.

Can Kids See Beauty and the Beast?

While there are some intense scenes – I was crying at one point – I plan on taking my 7 year old twins. I feel that they will enjoy the story and because the 2017 film doesn’t stray from the original 1991 version, we all know how it ends. Still, the Beast is a beast and can appear scary at first. The hunt for the Beast and the big fight is pretty intense. If your child is sensitive to that I would use caution.

Beauty and the Beast had everything I was hoping for. Music, dancing, emotions. ALL the emotions. The sheer talent on the screen made it one of the best remakes I have seen in a while. In the past I had missed the musicality of remakes, but Beauty and the Beast didn’t let me down.