I had some mild contractions on Monday and Tuesday. When I got my first one, I had no idea what it was. I was in the Ap.ple store and felt this spasm all across the front of my abdomen. “Stange…” I thought and I continued to deal with the guy who was fixing my phone *side note – he said I was screwed and should order a new phone for $200. I went home and fixed it so who’s the bitch now?!*

Anyway, it happened a few more times during the course of 5 or so hours, so I called my Dr. It was around 10:30pm, so I felt bad, but he put me at ease and told me to always call if anything should be concerning. He said it indeed sounded like contractions and I needed to take it easy, drink lots of water, and see if they go away. I did and they did. YAY!

I should mention that I had just finished up work and stopped by Ap.ple before heading home. So I was on my feet all day.

So yesterday I go to work at 9am as usual. around 12:30 I had another contraction. Dammit. I called my Dr office and made an appt for today. I had 4 or 5 more by 6pm and when I got home I didn’t have any more. Yay again… But I suspected the whole thing was work related.

Dr visit today. He is sure it has to do with work. He cut me down to 6 hours a day to start to see if it helps. My boss has been really great about attending to the needs of my whole deal and had already suggested going down to 20 hrs a week and doing short term disability for the remaining 20 hours. I don’t know if that’s possible, but I will certainly try it if I can….

Oh, and I got to hear the kiddos 🙂 one at 150 and one at 160. GLEE!!

And my blood pressure rose a teeny bit. Boo. But I have always been on the low side of normal so it’s not a huge deal…

That’s it! There’s my update for ya! Next appt is 11.11 Wednesday when we find out the genders!!