I have 2 second graders (in a month). TWO! My son and my daughter – seems like only yesterday they were born and now they are heading into another school year. So I m on the hunt for back to school supplies

This year is the year of very specific wants and needs for the kids. They are growing into their own, so with that are some particular school supplies. I have narrowed down 5 things that kids of all ages will love for the school year. You can get all of this awesome back to school gear at Target! 

An Awesome Backpack

I am lucky to have 3 Target stores near me because they have the raddest (yeah I said raddest) backpacks around. Riley is very VERY into kittens. She’s a 7 year old cat lady. Target has a huge line of like-minded kids so she gets this uber-cool “Are You Kitten Me” backpack.

5 Must-have Back To School Essentials (the Fun Stuff!)

I know, right? Why did they NOT have these when I was little? I LOVE CATS TOO!!

Dylan is a bit less picky, but has told me more than once how much he loves the ocean. So ocean themed it is in this Shark backpack. It even comes with a little plush shark keychain (what kid doesn’t love keychains and plush?)

5 Must-have Back To School Essentials (the Fun Stuff!)

Something Good To Drink

Kids seem to love sugary drinks. We have made it a thing to not keep soda pop in the house. It just kinda happened that way… I stopped drinking carbonated stuff well before I had them and my husband followed suit, so it wasn’t hard to keep the kids away from it. They do however love juice so when they get it they usually get Fruit Shoot (also find at Target!). With no sugar added and a re-sealable sports cap, this tasty fruit juice can go anywhere (even in those new backpacks) without chance of spilling.

5 Must-have Back To School Essentials (the Fun Stuff!)

Educational Books Disguised As Fun

One of my favorite brands is National Geographic. When I was little I had stacks of NatGeo magazines and would read about ancient mummies, different cultures, and weird bugs over and over. While magazines aren’t as popular anymore, National Geographic Kids has several fun books out that kids can not only enjoy but learn something from. One of my favorite new books is the Weird But True! Daily Planner. I have a thing for planners, so I want to teach that obsession to my kids to keep their goals, schedules, and work due dates all organized.

5 Must-have Back To School Essentials (the Fun Stuff!)


Something To Put Lunch In

Kids love compartments and love finger foods. At least mine do anyway! So these Fit & Fresh Mini Bento Boxes are great for kids like mine. With different compartments for a variety of snacks plus no chance of getting squished, these are perfect to toss into a backpack. You can also put it in a regular lunch bag (it will fit in most).
5 Must-have Back To School Essentials (the Fun Stuff!)

Some FUN Markers

Remember Mr. Sketch? I remember when I was little how cool it was to have Mr. Sketch Scented Markers. I loved them. Except for the licorice one. ew. Anyway, they are still around now for the next generation to smell and enjoy!!

5 Must-have Back To School Essentials (the Fun Stuff!)

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