I know many of you are parents. And just about every one of you have had to administer liquid medicine to your kids, right?
Dylan & Riley take Poly-Vi-Sol (vitamins) daily. It’s a nasty, smelly liquid and they HATE it. I try to give them some of it with the dropper in the bottle and both turn their heads, which in turn gets the nasty. sticky brown stuff everywhere.
I was sent 2 AVA the Elephant Medicine Dispensers to review:
A Removable Medicine Dropper in AVA’s trunk (holds 5ml)
A button to press that says “1, 2, 3… Open Wide! Good Job!”
Soft, Bendable Ears for Handles
BPA and Phlalate free material
dishwasher safe (remove sound box)
AVA made it very easy to give Dylan & Riley their vitamins! Riley actually LOVED it and would try to say “Good Job!” in the cute, high-pitched AVA voice!
Dylan loves his too. Although AVA is not a toy Dylan and Riley love to carry their AVA the Elephants around. I think this is great because they aren’t afraid of it and they take their medicine and vitamins with no problem! I love that it’s dishwasher safe and BPA/phalate free too. VERY kid-friendly!

About the creator:
Tiffany Krumins
Tiffany’s passion for helping sick children has been evident through her years of experience working with kids, including special needs and childhood cancer patients, which brought Ava the Elephant ™ to life! She realized no product on the market resolved the common problem of giving children medicine. So she took matters into her own hands and created the first Ava from clay!
If you watched the first season of ABC’s Shark Tank, AVA the Elephant may look very familiar to you! Here’s a clip of Tiffany after her successful pitch on Shark Tank!

Read more about Tiffany’s story HERE!

AVA the Elephant is sold nationwide at CVS and in the online store! AVA the Elephant Retails for $9.99 and worth every penny!

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