So who do you think of when you want a yummy, soft, delicious pretzel?
I think of Auntie Anne’s!
I often find myself thinking “hmm, Auntie Anne’s sounds good right about now…” but that would mean packing the twins up and high-tailing it to the mall. But thankfully Auntie Anne’s has thought of that and made it easier for me (and so many others) to give in to the cravings without having to leave the home!
Everything you need to make some warm pretzels at home!
Just add water! Really, that’s it!
It’s really easy to do – basically mix the ingredients. The yeast is activated with warm water, the dough mix is kneaded, give it 1/2 hour to rise, and viola!
You can’t tell me these don’t look delish 😉
I love that there are so many other things you can make – monkey bread, pizza, pretzel dogs, apple dumplings, and different shapes!
These are pre-cinnamon 😉
My husband is a pretzel fanatic. Whenever we go shopping we ALWAYS stop by Auntie Anne’s. He likes the cheese sauce. I like the classic cinnamon!
While I was making our pretzels, I daydreamed about a time when Dylan & Riley are old enough to help me. I imagined their tiny hands rolling little shapes and playing with the dough 🙂 and giggling the whole time!
Added bonus? The whole house smelled like warm bread baking…. ahhhh, cozy!!
You can find Auntie Anne’s At-Home Pretzel Kit at select retail stores and most Auntie Anne’s locations!