Ok, so here I am. At home. Although I knew it would be slim chances that my dr would say “ok, it’s time!” seeing as I am one day shy of 35 weeks, I am still a little bummed out that there is no progress.

The biggest things today – we talked about my labor symptoms – mostly non-existent with the exception of contractions here and there and a tiny amount of mucous yesterday. So he said that due to there being nothing going on we would forego the internal exam unless I wanted one. He said that even if I am dialated a centimeter or 2 it’s not going to matter until I get more definite signs of labor.

I DO have a cesearan date though 🙂 April 8th, which means the longest I will be pregnant now is 24 days. Which feels like an eternity. BUT it’s scheduled! YAY!

I am measuring 46 weeks… and I gained 4 lbs. Which is fine because I hadn’t gained a thing since January. So I am officially up to approx 34 lbs total. BUT I was a “roomy” girl when I started this, so the babies are just eating my fat.

My blood pressure went up 138/90 – still normal, but “high normal”. and I had a little bit of protein in my urine. But he said he isn’t really concerned because it’s not enough to say I have preeclampsia or kidney issues.

Josh brought up having my tubes tied during the surgery. Ummm, exsqueeze me? We haven’t even talked about that. I don’t think I am ready for that just yet…. We have talked about no more kids, but I am still weird on having that final confirmation, seeing all of the issues we had trying to get pregnant. It just feels weird….

I start NST this Wednesday and will go every week until I deliver. So three times?

Tonight Josh and I decided to run a couple of errands – exchange a couple of things at Target and go to Sephora so I can get my “Beauty Insider” Birthday gift…

I’m tired, happy that we have a definite baby date, but disappointed that we possibly have to wait that long. By our estimate the babies are both currently easily over 5lbs, even close to 6 at this point. Still tiny, still preemie, but able to make it out in the great big world with mommy and daddy…

Watch, I will be all bummed out today about everything and then go into labor in the next couple of days. hardy-har-har….

Oh, and funny side note – my “arch enemy” from high school actually friended me on FB today. She and this other girl hated me for some reason. They actually would threaten me and were downright mean! We were never, ever on any decent terms. This started in freshman P.E. and lasted the entire 4 years. Seriously, I did nothing to provoke these two and was overall quite popular… Should I accept her request?