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Ok, so here I am. At home. Although I knew it would be slim chances that my dr would say “ok, it’s time!” seeing as I am one day shy of 35 weeks, I am still a little bummed out that there is no progress.

The biggest things today – we talked about my labor symptoms – mostly non-existent with the exception of contractions here and there and a tiny amount of mucous yesterday. So he said that due to there being nothing going on we would forego the internal exam unless I wanted one. He said that even if I am dialated a centimeter or 2 it’s not going to matter until I get more definite signs of labor.

I DO have a cesearan date though 🙂 April 8th, which means the longest I will be pregnant now is 24 days. Which feels like an eternity. BUT it’s scheduled! YAY!

I am measuring 46 weeks… and I gained 4 lbs. Which is fine because I hadn’t gained a thing since January. So I am officially up to approx 34 lbs total. BUT I was a “roomy” girl when I started this, so the babies are just eating my fat.

My blood pressure went up 138/90 – still normal, but “high normal”. and I had a little bit of protein in my urine. But he said he isn’t really concerned because it’s not enough to say I have preeclampsia or kidney issues.

Josh brought up having my tubes tied during the surgery. Ummm, exsqueeze me? We haven’t even talked about that. I don’t think I am ready for that just yet…. We have talked about no more kids, but I am still weird on having that final confirmation, seeing all of the issues we had trying to get pregnant. It just feels weird….

I start NST this Wednesday and will go every week until I deliver. So three times?

Tonight Josh and I decided to run a couple of errands – exchange a couple of things at Target and go to Sephora so I can get my “Beauty Insider” Birthday gift…

I’m tired, happy that we have a definite baby date, but disappointed that we possibly have to wait that long. By our estimate the babies are both currently easily over 5lbs, even close to 6 at this point. Still tiny, still preemie, but able to make it out in the great big world with mommy and daddy…

Watch, I will be all bummed out today about everything and then go into labor in the next couple of days. hardy-har-har….

Oh, and funny side note – my “arch enemy” from high school actually friended me on FB today. She and this other girl hated me for some reason. They actually would threaten me and were downright mean! We were never, ever on any decent terms. This started in freshman P.E. and lasted the entire 4 years. Seriously, I did nothing to provoke these two and was overall quite popular… Should I accept her request?

Life She Has


  1. LOL…just friend her long enough to see how ugly she got and then ditch her…j/k!!! :o)

    Glad to hear things are okay…even though they aren’t progressing as you had hoped…trust me…I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THE FEELING!! ;o)

  2. Yay… 35w tomorrow! I am scheduled for 38w c-sec as well! Though we are going to see if we can pull it back to 37. Since technically one is full term at 37w and I wld rather not deal with an emergancy situation between 37 n 38.

    About the weights… I am a lil skeptical now with the wt they tell you at growth scans… Most babies born at around 36w I have seen are around 5 lbs… Also I guess katie was speculating the babies to be close to 13 lbs’ish at 37w and they were total of 10.5, which is great but still not as much as she was expexting. So, I guess we are still better of holding on till 36-37. I guess each case is diff – let’s hope for the best!

  3. oh sweetie..i know it feels like an eternity, but it’s actually good news. you don’t want premmies…even if they are a good weight, they’d still have to stay in NICU and wouldn’t get to go home with you guys right away. plus there is alot of things they still need to develop. after seeing all the things j’s cousin and wife went through with their little premie, and still are going through, alot of development occurs between now and 38 weeks. 24 days will go by and you’ll be so happy that they held out..;) i know you are bummed…tired…and have more baby in you than i ever had…just know that they are good and doing what they need to do before arriving..:)

    i love you so much….

  4. Sweetpeanme – I knew you’d understand! We have been pretty close with just about everything during our pgs!

    BB – I WISH it was 37 weeks, but my dr said nope. Yeah, you are right with the weight measurements, we don’t know for sure. My lst u/s the heads were measuring ahead (pun!) of the bellies, but only by 2 days. So who knows? I am willing to hang in there for a while longer lol!

    Cat – yeah, still preemies, but the avg gestation of twins is 35 weeks…and although there is a chance, my dr said that there’s a less than 1% NICU chance with them there is still that possibility… Yeah, they are better off in rather than out.

    I think part of my urgency is not only because of comfort and wanting to meet them, but also because it took so long to get to this point. I know each of you can relate to that. My last 8 years, especially the last 3 or 4 years, all we have been doing is waiting. Waiting for a new cycle to start, waiting for O day during my medicated cycles, the dreaded 2WW. not to mention the wait after surgeries to start IVF. I am just so over waiting! 😉

  5. Glad to hear things are going well, but I know you are so ready to hold your little ones. Sounds like they are at great weights, and I can’t believe you have only gained 34 pounds! That’s amazing!!

    On the friend with FB…I think I would decline that one!

  6. I had something to comment and then I read all the previous comments and now my comment completely flew out of my head. lol.

    Oh, right! Your mildly high blood pressure (it’s really just the bottom number that’s high) and tiny bit of protein in your urine might make your OB decide on an earlier section, once you’re closer to full term. I have high BP and had it for awhile but my OB always dismissed it. It wasn’t until I was 37 weeks 2 days that my OB suddenly brought up that he thinks he would like to induce me because of the high BP. I guess he just doesn’t talk about things until they’re actually a reality, and the BP issues weren’t bad enough (I have no protein in my urine) to consider inducing before full term. Even at 37 weeks he still wanted to wait until 38.5 weeks before inducing, just to keep the baby in as long as possible.

    I’m babbling. Do you know what I mean, though?

  7. just sending super hugs…i know it’s hard to wait and has been harder on you than alot of people ever have to experience….i still can’t believe you will be holding those babies in 3 weeks…i’m super excited for you!


  8. Oh hon, I so know that feeling. It is so much harder for us, because we waited much longer than 9 months for these babes. You are almost there. It could still be well before 38 weeks. Are you off bed rest now, with those errands you did? If so, I say go see Alice- it will kill a few hours of your waiting time. I think I am almost as impatiently waiting for your babies as you now- I’ve directed all my impatient waiting to all the lovely blog ladies that are so close- I want you to have your babies in your arms asap too!

  9. Just think – I was still pregnant another 6 weeks. No, it wasn’t with twins, but I had put on 43 pounds of something!

    I’d friend the girl, but put her on limited profile and hide her.

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