Hey all,

I am sorry I had to block my site. I discovered a work-related troll who began using this information as ammunition against me. Even though nobody here knows where I work, who my boss is, or any other details other than I am in Portland and knocked up. Oh, and my husband is Josh.

So on with work stuff. I had a conversation with my boss and feel comfortable and happy with my outcome. I am moving to another store with a lower title, less responsibility, more time for me, and no paycut. So lucky me. I am happy I don’t have to go further and feel like it will be good for everyone.

So there you go… now I need a nap….


  1. oh yay!! i’m so happy that it worked out in your favor. good job being in control of the situation and not allowing them to back you into a corner! you’ll be so much happier and relaxed and can now just focus on your babies and growing belly! *smooch*

    now about that growing belly sis…hehe since i am a million miles away, i really need to see some pics…nagging! hehe love you!

  2. Hi! Thanks for letting me read. 😉 Wow – that was definitely some unnecessary drama, huh? I’m so happy everything worked out for you though. Sounds like you have a great plan going there. Also happy the babies are doing good!

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