It’s the season for ants.. Starting to get warm out, which means ants are coming up and out to search your home for food.

I hate ants.. LOATHE them. But I don’t like using pesticides in my home since I am a mom to young kids and I have pets, so here are some easy ways to get rid of them that won’t put your family in danger.


  • Head over to the local hardware store and grab a tube of caulk. Home Depot sells them for under $3 and many don’t require a caulking gun. When you see a trail of ants, follow them to their entrance and caulk it up. You’d be surprised at how tiny the crevice might be! To caulk, simply squeeze a little bit into the crack and use your finger or a paper towel to smooth it in. Wipe up the ants who are already in your home with a rag rinsed with HOT water and rinse off in the sink.
  • Ants hate cinnamon and cayenne pepper. You can deter them with a small dish of one of these in an out of reach area (like the kitchen windowsill).
  • Borax sprinkled around the perimeter of your home will also deter them (along with spiders). Same thing with cornmeal.
  • Keep a lookout for ant colonies and anthills. Nests can usually be found in cool dark places – under rocks, in deep sidewalk cracks, and in shadowy places outside your home or in your basement, garage, or attic. When you find one, pour boiling water on it. This kills all of them instantly and they won’t come back to that spot.
  • If you see a queen (larger with wings), kill it. Fertile males also sometimes have wings, but are much smaller than queens and should also smooshed.
  • Don’t leave sugary treats or spills (or any kind of food) out. Clean up immediately if you don’t want ants around! Also clean up any toothpaste in your bathroom because ants love that too.
  • Wipe surfaces down with vinegar. Not only is it a great disinfectant, but it also deters ants from coming to that area.

See? You don’t need harmful poisons to keep those pesky critters at bay!