Dear Martha,

Today my dear friend JonnaBeth at Centsless Deals posted (on her personal Facebook page) a video of you being interviewed by Bloomberg journalist Stephanie Ruhle:

Ruhle: “Is there an argument to be made that social media is a little bit in poor taste?”

Stewart: “I do have a minor gripe about that too, because who are these bloggers? They are not trained editors at Vogue Magazine. There are bloggers writing recipes that aren’t tested, that aren’t necessarily very good, or are copies of everything that very good editors have created and done. So bloggers create a kind of, um, popularity, but they are not the experts. And we have to understand that.”

see entire video here

So here I am. writing to you. On my blog. My blog that I am not an expert in.

I am here to tell you that we bloggers are your audience. Or were.

When I was younger (I am closing in on 40 now), I read your books, subscribed to your magazines, and was in awe of your perfection. My wedding in 1999 had many touches that I got from you, like fortune cookies as party favors. I even used your recipe to make them.

When I began to blog many years ago, I did as sort of an online journal. This melded and molded its way into what it is today (and still ever-changing). Yes, I DO post recipes. No they are NOT tested. I am a stay at home mom – who has the money for a test kitchen? (Ok, I guess they are tested by my family and friends)…

I and many other bloggers have never claimed to be experts. We simply love creating and love to share. Sure we make social media a popular place to be and to get advice from a real mother with real problems and an average life, but that’s because we KNOW that the advice we get is from someone who lives it, not someone who pays someone to live it for them.

You are right. We are not experts. We are women who want to feel empowered and make a difference – even if it’s only to share a yummy cupcake. It really sounds to me like you might be a bit envious of the hype we bloggers create. Are we taking your audience? Is this what you think?

I find it sad – really sad – to see that a woman, working her butt off to provide for her family by using her passion to build up her corner is cutting down the rest of us who only want to do the same. Even sadder? You were the keynote speaker at last year’s BlogHer – a conference solely for female bloggers who are doing what you now have a “minor gripe” about. What happened in the last year that made you turn on us, Martha? Where is that support you used to show us?

I will leave with this:

You were once in my shoes. You just did it differently. But I suspect that’s only because social media didn’t exist. 

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