A family in Newcastle, Ontario received an anonymous letter from a hateful neighbor concerning their autistic grandson Max last week. Thank you to Lennon and Maisey who brought this letter public. See the original letter below the post.

Dear Ignorant Neighbor of Max’s Grandparents,

Last week you slipped this letter under the door of a family with a 13 year old autistic child, Max. While I am not a mother of an autistic child, I am an advocate of the disabled community. I am also human and have feelings and sympathy. These things you unfortunately lack.

It’s one thing to complain about noise disturbances – that is, within reason. A child playing outside whether disabled or not is NOT a valid complaint. Now, if kids were harming themselves or another, I might say something. But complaining just because you don’t like the sounds he makes while playing? That’s just asinine.

If the sounds “scare the hell out of your ‘normal’ children”, how about you instead TEACH your children some life lessons – that everyone is different, but we are all human beings. We all have feelings and it’s always better to be kind to someone regardless of their abilities, etc than learn that they are a “nuisance”. This boy is not a substandard in society. He is not an animal that should be put down. He simply sees and learns differently than what you are used to.

I am so happy that the family who this letter was given to was blessed with him and not you, as you would have probably wanted him “euthanized”. How dare you. HOW DARE YOU say something so utterly horrible to a family, any family. Although I do not know this family, I am sure they are not asking for special treatment. In fact YOU are asking for special treatment in telling this family they should not let their son play outside because it bothers YOU. See how backward that is?

Because you are an intolerant person, I suggest you remove yourself from the neighborhood. Maybe there’s a “trailer in the woods” for you to live.

Just because someone is higher on the autism spectrum than the average person does NOT make him lower on the society scale. Shame on you for saying the things you did. I hope your children learn better than this, but it’s a damn shame that they most likely will think the same as you.

*this post is dedicated to my friends Shannon & April, mothers of absolutely beautiful autistic children.