My lovely sister Cat from Amlo Farms gave me an award!! Thank you!!

The Rules for Acceptance of this Award are fairly simple:

  • Thank the blogger who bestowed the Award on you.
  • Sum up your blogging experience, philosophy and motivation in five (5) words.
  • Pass the Award on to 10 deserving bloggers.

So my five words are: Infertility, twins, family, happiness, dream-come-true (ok, that was three words…) This blog was originally going to be about style and cute shoes since I can’t pass up wicked heels. But it quickly became an outlet for me and my husband and our struggles with infertility. Now that we have our “dream-come-true”, our beautiful twin babies Dylan and Riley our life feels complete. It is a powerful feeling to know without hesitation we would do anything for them. It’s amazing to see them learn something new each day and to know this is why I exist, this is what I was meant to do with my life.

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