I have been looking forward to this day for a long time.

NEW American Horror Story: Hotel Trailer was released! See the GaGa-goodness:


Creepy kids? Check. No sense of time? Check, Favorite past cast members back for more? Check Check. BTW – American Horror Story: Hotel premieres Oct 7th on FX.

Let’s go through the 30 seconds of sheer madness:

  1. First scene – Chloe Sevigny and Wes Bentley holding hands walking down the hallway. There’s a flash of three young children then one running between the assumed parents. Are all 3 children real? Or is there just the one who gets between Sevigny and Bentley, breaking their handhold of each other. This couple – in my opinion – has been torn apart by loss, presumably the loss of their children. They are in this together, but the The flash of the blood-filled blender could also mean that their children may have suffered from some unknown disease that is only helped by consuming blood (as Gaga’s character The Countess claims herself).
  2. A ragged Sarah Paulson cutting a body out of a mattress – this is a CLASSIC urban legend. Supposedly in the 1980’s a prostitute was found dead in the mattress at a Las Vegas hotel (sometimes the hotel is in Atlantic City). The question is – who is the person in the mattress? My bet would be Sarah herself. Sarah’s character is dead and trapped in the hotel – a nod to Season One – Murder House. However, the history of AHS proves that Sarah’s characters never die and are often the heroine of the season.
  3. Kathy Bates holding keys – she is portraying the “gatekeeper”. She’s the one who knows everything. And controls it all.
  4. Now we get to Angela Bassett’s vignette. Notice something? Her time period is quite Studio 54/disco. She is leading a lover by the neck and has that witchy woman look in her eyes. My thoughts are that she overdosed in the hotel. She doesn’t care, she’s the queen of her world. BTW – did you notice how she played with her stole/scarf? Reminded me a bit of a snake, reminiscent of the Coven season…
  5. Oh look, there are the three pale children again….
  6. Matt Bomer looks positively delicious in his pale pink suit, don’t you think? Surrounded by the pale children – and CANDY. The Candy Man has the cure for what ails you. I have a feeling we will hear a theme song *who can make the sun rise…..*. I think his character is the one who lures unsuspecting tenants into the AHS:H world.
  7. It appears in the next scene that the Hotel staff is getting rid of bodies and blood-stained sheets with zeal. Yay! Someone who loves their job! But their clothing and equipment give the indication that the decade is not the same as the others – I would say 1910-1915, around 60 years before the time that Angela Bassett’s character would be in.
  8. Lady Gaga – FINALLY! When I heard Gaga was going to be on AHS:H I was stoked. She would bring that couture creepiness to the series that we haven’t quite seen yet. In her scene she has long flowing blonde hair – bridal, mother earth-like with the tow-headed children nourishing themselves on the white strands, then 2 men – who again do not look like they came from the same era – walking with a sinister look, one brandishingwhat appears to be a sharp shiny knife. Gaga plays The Countess, owner of the evil hotel.

The thread that is weaving every sub-story together are the children. These children are dressed in clothing that would traditional in 1960’s England with the long shorts, blazers, and white button-down starched-collar shirts. Very VERY similar to the children in Pink Floyd’s epic “We Don’t Need No Education” video.

ahs-hotel-03 ahs-hotel-02

Here’s my thought – I think we will be seeing a LOT of urban legend stories in American Horror Story: Hotel. I think that classic music stories – Hotel California, Candy Man, and of course Lady Gaga inspired – will have a huge role in this season. I think that time doesn’t matter – time won’t exist, and a plotline will be full of twists and turns. There will be some fantastic and surprising scenes, and some great nods to previous seasons, especially Murder House.

What do you think?